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Best ROI In the Industry: RFID + IoT Amplifies Your Bottom Line

This is a professional RFID and IoT kit for any tech-savvy person looking to become a value-add re-seller of the most advanced asset and inventory tracking solutions to be found anywhere. Unique to the industry, this kit is an entire tracking solution in a Pelican case that can hit the road with you to any location, no matter how remote. It sets up in 10 minutes, showing actual items being read in real-time with both manual scans for cycle counts and hands-off scans from the IoT choke-point reader.

This kit is ideal for selling to the medical marijuana industry, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, education, construction, high-end retail, museums, educational institutions, and government agencies. Typically, RFID tracking systems are complex and expensive. Entopus Turnkey connects the dots for you to keep it simple, introducing a new breed of low-cost enterprise-quality RFID solutions that can be taken on the road in a flight-compliant form factor.

The kit contains everything needed to demo, including complete documentation and online support from Entopus. Typically, when a prospect sees this in action, you can expect to close the sale quickly, with the best commission rates in the RFID industry. Join the high-tech future of commercial asset and inventory tracking and ride this kit to a new career.

What you get:

  • A fire and water-resistant Pelican case with wheels to safely store and transport the high-tech contents.
  • Documentation and training workshops to show you how to engage and sell RFID solutions into a variety of industries.
  • An attractive cast acrylic display board with your company's logo etched; all titles and list items customized to your specifications.
  • Hand-held TSL 1128 reader with barcode imager and holster for mobile device.
  • Pre-configured iPad Mini for amazing real-time demos, exports, and reporting with the powerful app.
  • Pre-configured Brady Censys RFID reader for choke-point tracking in real-time, ready for temporary installation at customer site for selling and training.
  • Additional Censys antenna and cable for wider entry/exit or fixed locations.
  • Wifi hotspot, water-resistant for harsh environments; touch-screen display; compatible with low monthly data plans from T-Mobile and AT&T.
  • A comprehensive set of tags, including on-metal, standard, and combo, from leading vendors such as Visinex, Alien, Starport, Syrma, and Xerafy, that can cover bespoke situations in virtually any type of industry, agency, or facility, giving you the confidence of having in your kit a complete solution for any situation you sell into.
  • Installation devices for enabling quick set-up at prospect and customer sites.
  • More... call for details.

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Entopus Partner Kit

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