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Technology That Actually Improves Profits
Only we deliver on the promise of RFID and IoT
The world's fastest asset and batch/goods/BOM tracker
The only affordable real-time tracking solution to be found
Industry-leading Return on Investment
Seed-to-Sale, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain - Our Specialties
15 minutes of demo can save you thousands - call us at 800-838-1048

Best ROI In the Industry: RFID + IoT Amplifies Your Bottom Line

  • Entopus Premium Support

A six-month semi-annual subscription to Entopus premium support, which includes technical and operational assistance for any situation arising from the installation or operation of Entopus products. It covers up to three incidents per month, which may be rolled over month-to-month. Response times are 24 hours for acknowledgement and 48 hours for response. If a bug is found and reported, this does not count against the number of incidents allowed.

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Entopus Premium Support

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  • $300.00

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