RFID RTL Tracking

RFID RTL Tracking

Amplify 2.0 RTL Tracking - Bronze Starter Kit (Click Here For Details)

Are you a business or government agency or even a school that has assets or inventory to track? With limited budgets and even less time to spare fiddling with technology that slows down your operations, you've already discovered that manual tracking and barcode solutions simply don't deliver.

The future of simple, effective technology with massived ROI is finally here, and Entopus leads the industry. Others that make similar claims using passive RFID and IoT are either extremely expensive or haven't really connected the dots between operations and technology. We've made RFID and IoT both practical and affordable for any entity that needs to avoid theft, maintain compliance, track workflows, or simply perform cycle counts that take 5 minutes instead of 3 days.

$1,499.00 Ex Tax: $1,499.00

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Amplify 2.0 RTL Tracking - Silver Finder Kit (Click Here For Details)

A ready-to-use solution for RTL (Real-time Location) tracking of any items, suitable for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Farm-to-Table, Retail, Distribution, and more. Includes all-in-one TSL 1128 reader with 40-foot RFID and Barcode capability, mounted iPad with full tracking and reporting software, sample tags, documentation, one year of enterprise app & portal subscription, and training.

Everything included to immediately get you up and running with the best RFID tracking solution to be found anywhere.

$2,999.00 Ex Tax: $2,999.00

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Amplify 2.0 RTL Tracking - Gold Enterprise Turnkey Flow Kit (Click Here For Details)

The last step is Turnkey Flow. As its name suggests, it's both completely installable by non-technical people and is able to track assets or inventory both manually and in real-time throughout locations, processes, or conversions with up to 99.9% accuracy. It's a complete end-to-end system with IoT devices for hands-off identification of items moving through choke-points or 24/7 monitoring of locations.

This is ideal for any business, facility, or government agency that needs to track inventory or assets, maintain compliance, deter theft, or make significant productivity upgrades over barcode or manual tracking.

$4,999.00 Ex Tax: $4,999.00

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