Amplify 2.0 RTL Tracking - Gold Enterprise Turnkey Flow Kit (Click Here For Details)

Product Code: ENT - Flow

Price: $4,999.00
Ex Tax: $4,999.00


As its name suggests, it's both completely installable by non-technical people and is able to track assets or inventory both manually and in real-time throughout locations, processes, or conversions with up to 99.9% accuracy. It's a complete end-to-end system with IoT devices for hands-off identification of items moving through choke-points or 24/7 monitoring of locations.

This is ideal for any business, facility, or government agency that needs to track inventory or assets, maintain compliance, deter theft, or make significant productivity upgrades over barcode or manual tracking.

What's in the Gold Enterprise Turnkey Kit?

  • 1x TSL1128
  • 1x iPad Mini
  • 1x iPad Mini TSL Mount
  • Annual subscription to Verbi's ProPack software, both app and portal accounts
  • Brady Censys reader, pre-configured and ready to go
  • Brady Censys antenna with 9' cable for wide scan locations
  • 25x Sample Tags
  • Precise and simple documentation to get you started with RFID and IoT
  • Training and support for one year; installation assistance
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