agriculture smallGrow your farm and business with item tracking.

Track each plant from seedling to full-grown adult plant.
Use RFID tags to keep inventory on your livestock.
Manage where or when your animals or plants have been throughout the workflow process.
Locate any tagged asset using our RSSI feature (Geiger counter).

manufacturing smallNever misplace another part or tool again.

Verbi Amplify can help you make sure every part of your product makes it from point A to point B, so that is can be assembled or boxed without missing any pieces. Set up quantity alerts to notify you when stock is running low. Cut production time in half by taking out manual tasks, so your team can focus on production. 

TTT Solutions are specialized for Manufacturing & Agriculture. We provide a mix of premium standard and on-metal tags for application to tools, machines, and planters. The handheld reader is perfect for both finding missing tools, taking inventories, while the fixed reader is ideal for choke-points to monitor items as they move between stations.

TTT flow bundle image w on metal

If your company has a mix of high and low-value items, we can demonstrate that our solution will pay for itself within 4-6 months. Guaranteed.

Let us show you why the latest technology is a higher level of business-ready than previous generations, and why our solution fits within any budget and gives almost immediate benefits.